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Coronavirus Vaccines: Essential aspects to know

With Covid-19 spreading like wildfire across the globe, touching almost all continents except Antarctica, the pressure is upon the drug manufacturers to come up with an effective and safe vaccine to help cure infected people. However, this is easier said than done. This virus although been around for quite several years now has emerged recently to be a novel one taking toll just about everywhere that is only mounting with each passing day. Although the place of its origin Wuhan in China is now reporting no new cases of infected people, the virus is reported to create havoc elsewhere like Italy and other Asian and European countries. Those infected with this virus are reporting severe pneumonia, cough and fever. The disease referred to as Covid-19 has affected more than 72 countries as of now. Thousands of people have already succumbed to it.

Recombinant Coronavirus antigens
Recombinant Coronavirus antigens


The WHO has recently referred Covid 19 to be a pandemic and has asked respective governments to step up their actions to combat it effectively to save human beings as a whole. This is because, if let loose, this virus is likely to wipe of man-kind from earth. The scare caused by this virus has lead the whole world to seek face masks, while countries have started to lock down their megacities as well as ban both international and domestic travelers. Airports, trains, metro trains and ship services have been stopped, causing crisis everywhere. As per WHO estimates, the fatality rate of Covid 19 is approximately 3.4% including MERS & SARS. The virus is also very much contagious. Those infected with Covid 19 can recover very fast within a week or so without actually having to be hospitalized. People have been panicking just because it is new. Recombinant Coronavirus antigens are being developed to treat patients from this dangerous infection.

Mystery illness

In developed countries as well as the U.S., mystery illnesses are not known to strike quite often. There are available ready answers including a plan to prevent getting affected. Vaccines in such places have managed to eliminate long known infectious diseases like measles, hepatitis and polio. Getting annual flu shots, the side effect mostly faced is common cold. It is for this reason that the developing and the developed countries including the underdeveloped ones have been waiting to get hold of Coronavirus Protein and vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies and scientists have been instructed by their respective governments to come up with antidotes and vaccines to treat this dreaded virus. For details go through

But it is necessary to understand that developing vaccines to treat specific diseases does take time to be effective and safe and used by humans without any side effects. It also requires using advanced science, resources and good amount of investments. Hence, developing COVID-19 antigens does come with several challenges. However, academic institutions and companies have been putting their efforts to overcome the mounting challenges posed by the virus.

What is in the vaccine?

All vaccines tend to work on similar basic principle. The scientists manage to come up with something which resembles quite closely to that of a pathogen. Then the person’s immune system gets exposed to it via small dosage that is administered in the form of an injection. The immune system develops powerful memory pertaining to the pathogen, enabling the person to withstand the attack the next time he/she gets exposed to it and stop infection from taking place. Several techniques are used to create vaccines, however, should strike it with delicate balance.

Recombinant Coronavirus antigens
Recombinant Coronavirus antigens

A common approach taken is to identify the protein location used by the virus such as key to enter the human cells, considered to be the surface. The protein genetic code once understood can help scientists to paste the same within the yeast or bacteria and use it as basis for the vaccine. The immune system recognizes the protein and triggers defense mechanism on subsequent exposure. The virus at times might be modified, swapping the disease causing pathogen pieces into harmless virus shell. Such inactivated vaccine types require multiple dosages, since it does not stimulate the immune system much like that of live microbe. However, reduce risks are noticed of severe reactions.

The approved Recombinant 2019 nCoV might make use any of the above two mentioned techniques. However, newer methods are being developed and could soon be launched once the final results of its effectiveness and safety are assured. Nucleotide based vaccines are regarded to be such promising technology. They are rather chemical building blocks making up the genetic material, RNA & DNA. Covid-19 virus is referred to as SARS-CoV-2 comprises of RNA strand enclosing within spike covered capsule. The spikes are used to enter the human lung cells. The vaccine manufacturers will be able to copy genetic instructions to create such spikes, package them within a shot. As it enters the body, viral proteins will be created by human cells. Thus it will be recognized by the immune system as foreign and antibodies produced naturally to attack future invaders, carrying such protein spikes.

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Coronavirus Vaccines: Essential aspects to know

With Covid-19 spreading like wildfire across the globe, touching almost all continents except Antarctica, the pressure is upon the drug manufacturers to come up...